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Super Slim Fit

What is Super Slim Fit?

Tudors super slim fit men's shirts have a stretchy construction that fits the chest, waist, sleeves and cuffs and fits snugly to the body. Extra-narrow super slim fit shirt patterns provide you with a sporty look as they are cut in a way that highlights the chest and shoulders.

Tudors Super Slim Fit Shirt

Our Tudors Super Slim Fit Shirt collection is blended with a multitude of patterns, colors, cuts and styles. Our men's shirt collection, which is very rich in terms of fabrics, has many options such as cotton, poly-cotton, linen, polyester and satin. In addition to Super Slim Fit, you can also buy shirts in a suitable fit for your body, such as Slim Fit (link), Regular Fit (link), Oversize or Modern Fit Shirt (link).

Where to Wear a Super Slim Fit Shirt

Gone are the days when shirts were only considered suitable for formal occasions. Tudors, the leading menswear brand of this change in fashion, has many options for stylish men. Whether it's a regular workday, a meeting presentation, club or dance party, a dinner date or a trip to your favorite resorts; It is possible to find shirts that will color your every moment. All shirt types are offered to you in our online store with very reasonable price options. Order the product you want right now, and it will be delivered to your door as soon as possible with fast shipping!

Men's Super Slim Fit Shirt Colors and Prices

Tudors offers you many options for Super Slim fit shirt models with affordable prices and campaigns. It is possible to find various products such as Super Slim Fit white shirts, floral and patterned super slim fit shirts, polka dots super slim shirts.

Use of Super Slim Fit Shirt Size Chart

Choosing the right size is as important as choosing the right product. You can easily calculate the size by examining our super slim fit size chart to choose the size compatible with your body measurements.

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