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Big Size Men's Shirt

Check out our collection of heavyset men’s big-size shirts that quickly transform your look from casual to cool. Order the one that suits you best from a selection of big-size shirts available in sizes 4XL, including checks and short sleeves, prints, and over-size formal shirts!

Tudors Big-Size Men's Shirt

The shirt you choose is the carrier of your combinations and the first impression is very important for the people you meet in daily life. For this reason, being seen while wearing a shirt that does not fit you will have a negative effect. Fortunately, our Tudors large-size shirts have features to ensure that large and tall men do not have size problems. Thanks to the wide sleeve cut, hem length, and comfortable fit, you won't have to compromise on style. At Tudors, it is possible to find wide-cut plus-size products suitable for the fashion of the time, including polo-neck t-shirts , printed shirts , sports shirts , and sweaters.

Big-Size Shirt Combinations

Men's big-size shirts come in long and short-sleeve variants. It fits perfectly with both stylish and casual combinations. One of the things you should pay attention to when buying men's shirt models, which is the savior part of your wardrobe, is choosing the right size. Choose from plus-size shirts from size M to 4XL and be ready to look great.

Usage of Big Size Men's Shirt Size Chart

Straight-cut shirt patterns starting from medium size go up to 4XL. Thus, you can easily find the shirt that best suits your body type. You can easily find the shirt that best fits your size by examining our size chart, which includes plus-size product sizes. You can easily calculate the size by examining our wide-cut shirt size table to find the size compatible with your body measurements.

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