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About Us

About Us

Starting main activities in 1998 as Ayaydın Group and later on in 2012 as with its main brand Tudors, it soon became an important actor in retail, and played towards the leadership of the shirt market in Türkiye.


In recent years, after a series of local successes, increasing international interest in the brand and Tudors' vision of becoming an international brand have resulted in the growth of the brand.In a very short time frame, Tudors has already placed its flag

in 16 countries with its 240 stores and is ceaselessly going on with an aim of being

the most successful shirt brand globally.


Tudors, which has achieved great success in the field of e-commerce in a short time since 2013, continues its international e-commerce activities without slowing down today.

Offering a wide variety of men's shirts and accessories, the brand meets every request and adapts to every moment of life. Tudors combines timeless elegance and comfort with affordable prices and high quality in its designs.

The goal of being the most successful shirt brand in the world continues unabated, by remaining highly reliable and innovative with a wide selection of collections.