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Oversize - Relaxed Fit

Tudors Oversize Shirt Types

Our Relax Fit shirts are made of oxford, viscose, cotton or linen fabrics. It is possible to find flossy short-sleeved men's shirts in our Oversize men's shirt collection, essential for the summer season. In cold weather, there are options that will keep you warm and feel comfortable. You can choose the one that best suits your style among different fabric and collar options with various patterns such as plain, checkered, and striped.

How to Combine an Oversize Shirt?

Effortlessly get a cool look this season with our stylish oversize shirt options.

A wide-cut white shirt is the savior part of your summer outfits. Are you going to the beach? Wear your shabby white shirt with denim shorts for the perfect look to protect you from the sun. You can choose an oversize linen shirt to feel lighter and more airy. A comfortable shirt can also be preferred for special nights. Wear a black plus-size shirt, half of which is tucked into your trousers, and complete your combination with casual shoes! Alternatively, add some color to your look and all eyes will be on you! You can choose from our wide variety of vibrant colors including red, blue, or green shirts!

Using Oversize Shirt Size Chart

You can easily calculate the size by examining our Oversize Relaxed Fit size table to choose the size that is compatible with your body measurements. If you wish, you can make the right choice for yourself by viewing our height-weight, centimeter-based regular fit size chart on the product detail page.

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