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Modern - Slim Fit

What is a Modern Fit Shirt?

The Modern Fit shirt provides a little more space and comfort in the sleeve length and belly part than the Slim Fit. Modern Fit products look stylish on you and make you feel unique with their fashionable style.

Tudors Modern Fit Shirt Models

Modern Slim Fit shirts are among the most preferred shirt patterns in men's clothing with their printed , patterned , checkered and solid color options. Tudors Modern Fit shirts also have tie-down, concealed button and embroidered models.

Tudors Modern Fit Shirt Prices

Modern slim-cut shirts, which you can use in business life, daily life, meetings and invitations and many other areas, stand out not only with their stylish appearance, but also with their fabric quality. Among Tudors Modern Fit shirts, it is possible to find many products with campaigns and price advantages. The most important factor when determining men's modern slim fit shirt prices is the quality of the fabric used in production and the special processes applied. If you want to buy a shirt without spending a fortune and wear it stylishly for a long time, Tudors offers you the right options. Browse the selection of modern fit men's shirts at Tudors; Make a difference by choosing from hundreds of colors and patterns.

Use of Modern Fit Men's Shirt Size Chart

You can easily find the most suitable shirt for your body type by using our size chart with product dimensions. You can easily calculate the size by examining our modern fit size chart to find the size compatible with your body measurements.

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