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Tudors Men's Shirts: A Good Option for Any Style!

It is possible to find different men's shirt models at Tudors

If you like printed and striped shirts, slim fit men's shirt models can be a good choice. If you don't like printed men's shirts, you should prefer plain colored men's shirts. Short-sleeved summer shirts in the Tudors shirt collection are among the best choices for men.

Shop for one of our printed, plain or flannel shirts to complete any casual outfit. You can wear a plain white T-shirt or a patterned short-sleeved T-shirt under your shirt.

Men's linen shirts and check shirts are among the main types that come to mind when casual shirts are mentioned. Striped shirts has always been a favorite for special occasions. You can choose from fabrics, patterns, collar types, sleeves, and more.

Details to Consider When Choosing a Shirt

  • When choosing a shirt, you should choose patterns that suit your physique and models that suit your taste.
  • Fabric selection is very important. Oxford, linen, poplin, cotton, and cotton-polyester blend shirt fabrics are among the most preferred.
  • It is also important in which season you will use the shirt you bought. For example, while using linen and viscose fabrics in summer, you should prefer woolen fabrics in colder weather.
  • Collar shape should be proportional to your facial features. Wide-collared shirts are the best choice for men with long and narrow face shapes. In men with a round face type, long and pointed collars look more balanced. Some people think that collar style is not that important. But for some, the collar design reflects their personal style. To make it more comfortable to use, you should be able to easily slide your finger between the collar and neck.
  • You should definitely have a variety of white and black men's shirts, which are the saviors of your special days and a part of your daily life, in your closet.
  • Colorful shirts are stylish and express your style. However, the colors you choose should be suitable for the environment. Likewise, designs and patterns are also important. Wearing a shirt in color and pattern suitable for your environment will make you feel confident.

Men's Shirt Patterns

You can choose the most suitable one for your style and physique from all the casual men's shirts with floral, micro-plaid, gingham, polka dots, stripes, and similar patterns.

Look cool and feel comfortable with our collection of stylish shirts. You can find the latest shirts suitable for the fashion of the time in our Tudors online (link) store.

Using Size Chart When Buying Shirts

If you know your size and measurements, it will be easier to buy the right shirt for your body. If you do not have a clear idea about Slim, Super Slim, Regular, Relax, and Big Size shirt sizes, you can choose the most suitable one for you by using the size chart in the details of the products.

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