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Classic Fit - Comfort Fit

Men's Classic Shirt Types

Classic shirts(link), which have become a part of everyday life for men, are also the right choice for incredibly important moments. It produces shirts in green, pink, yellow, brown, purple and similar colors in addition to standard colors such as white shirts, black shirts, and blue shirts for casual cut shirts. A plain classic fit shirt blends well with the jacket on it and offers extra comfort. You can easily find the best range of men's shirts, colors and models in our Tudors online store.

Tudors Classic Shirt Models

While determining the men's classic shirt prices, the fabric type, patterns and various processes of the product are the factors that determine the price of the shirt. Your Tudors classic shirt is designed for your freedom of movement and produced for a long time to use. You are not buying an expensive shirt; you are investing in a quality shirt that can be worn over and over again and reduces your cost per wear. Classic Fit Shirt is our most comfortable and traditional shirt. It is cut along the same line along the waist to create a straight silhouette for maximum comfort. It is possible to find straight cut men's shirts with pockets made of quality cotton and silky surfaces at Tudors.

Why Choose a Classic Fit Shirt?

Our Regular Fit men's shirts are well suited for maximum comfort. Made from quality materials, our classic fit shirts are finished with fine details such as roll-proof collars and elegant button design. Shop now and discover short sleeve shirts (link), classic check shirts (link), striped shirts, plain pocket shirts and much more.

Usage of Classic Fit Shirt Size Chart

You can easily calculate the size by examining our classic fit size chart to choose the size that is compatible with your body measurements. If you wish, you can make the right choice for yourself by using our regular fit size chart based on height-weight or centimeters.

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